Stella PR+ Marketing | 2016 is the Time to Hire a Marketing Agency
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2016 is the Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

digital-marketingMany companies have a culture of “DIY.” Need a brochure? Let’s see if Skip can make one. The website needs updating? Let’s ask Sally in IT to check into it. Some organizations do nearly everything in-house, including writing, graphic design, social media outreach and media relations. But if you’ve ever seen “Pinterest fails,” you know DIY isn’t always as easy as it looks. The challenge with doing it yourself is that, to do it right, one needs skill and a variety of creative tools as well as the right media research databases to carry out a successful marketing strategy.


This article explores reasons why your company should hire a marketing agency rather than trying to manage your marketing efforts in-house.


Hiring a marketing agency is far less expensive than hiring an employee. When hiring an employee, not only do you have to account for base salary, but you also have to add in fixed expenses such as federal, state and local taxes. Then there are health insurance contributions, retirement plan matches, vacation, sick days, etc., and the true costs of these can be as much as 1.25 to 1.4 times the base salary! When you add in additional expenses such the cost of recruiting and training, the total starts to escalate quickly.


Budget GrowthIf budgets need to be cut during a tough financial period, it’s much easier to cut project budgets than to lay off employees. When the financial crunch eases and budgets are back to normal, it’s also much easier to pick up where you left off with an agency than it is to go out and find new staff.


Projects tackled by an agency will have been far broader in scope than those handled in-house. Many marketing professionals specialize in one area of marketing, like social media or graphic design, and they may not have the expansive experience that a marketing manager could bring. Also, good agencies can apply things they have learned from other clients and industries to make a project run more efficiently and effectively.


clock-with-womanWorking with an agency provides greater overall flexibility. When you’re in a crunch, you can call an agency to drop everything and get it done for you. It’s almost like having a temporary staff that you can rely on as much as you can with salaried employees.


The bottom line is that agencies save time, bring greater experience and expertise to your company, are reliable, and ultimately save you money by keeping you from having to add on more staff.


Stella PR + Marketing would love to make 2016 your company’s best year yet! We’re committed to finding the most comprehensive and cost-effective marketing solutions for your business. Message Stella Peterson at or call (303) 550-9338 to set up your free consultation.


Cheers to the New Year!