Stella PR+ Marketing | 2018 is the time for authenticity
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2018 is the time for authenticity

Is it possible to be a profitable company, and still be authentic? We say yes! Authenticity starts from the ground up with three basic questions: Who are you? What do you stand for? Why do you do the things you like to do?


You’ll find that most of these answers fall under company culture, your team and your vision.  Now spend time pondering your authentic self over a cup of tea and a few biscuits!

Courtesy of Spotify

The projection of authenticity, without substance to back it up, doesn’t work in the age of online communication. Authenticity is a two-way street and selling your products through snazzy TV ads gets you nada if the online community doesn’t believe you! Brands are expected to interact online with consumers, and those consumers want authenticity. A company that really puts authenticity to the test, is Spotify. Recently, Spotify did a campaign ad where they poked fun at some of their user’s interesting choices in music. Wow! We’ve come a long way from the days of brick and mortar stores being your only real connection to a brand! Have you finished your biscuits yet?


Companies can also generate authenticity when they decide to take a stand. Patagonia is in an all-out war with the Trump administration, fighting for their values over the shrinking of public lands by this Administration. They have gone as far as to suing the POTUS for his attack on public lands, and guess what? It resonated with their clients and now they are gaining more fans and customers. They have not only been buying up their merchandise at a record rate but even donating to help the company with its legal fees. Patagonia stuck to their guns, acted authentically, and it’s resonating with their consumer base!  

If you really want to know how a certain brand is viewed in the public’s eye, just give them a search on Twitter and you’ll find a cornucopia of comments telling you EXACTLY what people think. Your brand is defined by what the public’s perception is of you, and whatever they say goes.  


Therefore, an online presence is important for your brand, to make an impression and connect with people who will scream from the mountain tops, how they feel about you! To create authenticity online remember to talk to people from a personal perspective. This means whether you’re posting, responding or resharing, all your online content should come across as a casual conversation and not a monologue.   


Authenticity in the world is rare to come by in people, and much harder to achieve in a brand. But if you can get there, you will set your brand apart in ways that could make all the difference. So in this doggone world, ask of your company “What is our authentic truth, and how can we get there?”  

Courtesy of Ollie, Stella PR + Marketing Office Manager.