Stella PR+ Marketing | 3 Reasons You Should Adopt Podcasts Into Your Marketing
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3 Reasons You Should Adopt Podcasts Into Your Marketing

It seems like now, more than ever, it’s the podcasts’ turn in the media spotlight. With the wildly popular podcast series, Serial, recently premiering its second season and raking in 1.5 million listeners, many people have taken an interest in the spoken word over the written word.  In 2014 alone, 2.4 billion podcasts were downloaded.  As you can imagine from these statistics, podcasts have come on the radar of many growing businesses. But can you really improve your company by adopting podcasts into its marketing? Would your company be able to capitalize on the recent success and circulation of this reinvented medium? The answer is, absolutely.


By adopting this medium, you calogon reach a new audience in a unique and impressionable way while communicating information and ideas that are personal and versatile. Here are three reasons why you should be using podcasts in your marketing strategy:


#1. Podcasts give you the opportunity to connect personally with your audience. 

Many of us rely on a mostly text-based strategy to connect with our audience, but that can easily become monotonous and impersonal. With text, readers tend to skim for key words and information, while with podcasts, the consumer is automatically engaged with what you’re discussing and more involved with the information. People prefer learning in different ways and podcasts give your audience the option to pick which medium they would like to follow along with. In short, podcasts are an easy way to mix your content up while giving you the ability to connect with an audience that is constantly looking for new and interesting ways to digest information.


#2. Podcasts bring personality and versatility to your brand. 

Blog posts or videos are only so personal to an audience and require one’s full attention in order to take in all the information and content. In contrast, podcasts allow an audience to plug into a topic without the same amount of cognition control that text or video-based strategies require. You can be working out, driving to work or responding to emails and still be fully connected with what the podcast is saying.


Vector-Icons-for-challenges-03Podcasts also allow you to express emotion in a way that blogs tend to limit. When you are writing a blog, you may be constrained to a single writing voice whereas podcasts allow you to incorporate more personality and emotion through spoken word, allowing your audience to feel a stronger connection to you and  your brand.


#3. Get your clients involved! 

Your clients would jump at any opportunity to talk about their company.  By inviting clients to speak on your podcast, you can boost your credibility to potential clients while building a stronger relationship with your current clients, something that isn’t easily achieved through blogs.  You can even invite industry leaders to speak on your podcast. People tend to follow the lead of power and by having someone in a high leadership role on your podcast, you will gain a following and increase the credibility of your podcast and your company.


Getting a podcast started is very straightforward but it’s up to you to add personality and flare to keep your audience interested and coming back for more.


In the past couple of years, podcasts have provided a fresh spin on media and the reaction is overwhelming. Over 46 million Americans, or 12% of the US population, listened to podcasts on a monthly basis in 2015. With these numbers continuing to grow, now is the time to take advantage of this exciting new wave of content strategy and watch the exposure of your company and brand grow!


Click me! for a quick and easy tutorial on how to get your podcast up and running.