Stella PR+ Marketing | Algorithms Drive Engagement on Social Media
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Algorithms Drive Engagement on Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and serves as a constant way for people to interact with each other and stay connected. It is also a great source for brands and marketing in trying to grab user’s attention through advertising. But this is not as easy as it seems, and a lot goes in to the placement of ads in social media to make sure they are put in the right spot at the right time.


On the internal side of social media is complex algorithms that track users’ moves and interests. These algorithms are used across many platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and monitor a variety of things about users.


Algorithms work to show:

  • The most popular and relevant posts by tracking what users are liking, commenting on, and sharing.


Algorithms look at:

  • Posts users have previously interacted with, as well as ones they have not, to give brands information about who their target audience is.


Algorithms track:

  • The time and frequency spent looking at other account and pages
  • What you’ve been tagged in
  • Your location


The algorithms know everything about each and every user!


For example algorithms have shown the best time to post ads over different social media platforms:

  • Instagram: best during the week Monday-Thursday, early morning or after 2 PM
  • Facebook: best from 1-4 PM late into the week and on weekends
  • Twitter: best during the workweek from 12-3 PM


What’s the point of all this? To maximize engagement. Brands want to advertise content to users that will interact with it. Companies seek to be relevant in the users newsfeed. So much goes into these complex algorithms all so that brands can capture the interest of the most amount of people. With increased engagement, ads get more clicks, likes, and shares by users who care.


Users’ news feeds are specially designed for them. It is not by chance users see ads for the pizza place down the block or their favorite clothing store. It is all done by algorithms! With more social media platforms using these algorithms (and even creating new ones), user content can increase its relevancy and engagement to levels far beyond surface advertising. It is all about getting to know the users and larger audience as a whole, in driving the success of brands and their marketing through social media algorithms!


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