Stella PR+ Marketing | It Takes a Big Heart to Run a Small Business
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It Takes a Big Heart to Run a Small Business

Small Business Saturday is fast approaching and we understand building a successful brand is tough, especially for the little guys. If you don’t have millions of marketing dollars to spend on fancy commercials and celebrity spokespeople, here’s a secret: for a business to succeed, you don’t need all that.


You only need passion.


According to Millward Brown Optimor’s Top 100 Global Brands, no matter the product type or target market, the best brands all have that one word in common. Passion Brands by Kate Newlin does an excellent job of explaining how these brands succeed: rather than showing off the price or the bells and whistles, they communicate shared values about the world to effectively build a strong brand-consumer relationship.


Though they may not be big, we know small businesses are some of the most passionate out there – they have to be given the amount of time and dedication their work takes. We encourage everyone to support the passion in your local community by committing to #ShopSmall this weekend on Small Business Saturday, November 28. You can find small businesses in your area on the American Express Shop Small Map.



If marketing isn’t your passion and you’re struggling to connect with customers, contact Stella PR + Marketing. Let us use our passion to help you follow your small business goals.