Stella PR+ Marketing | Top Ten Business Goals for 2017 and Beyond
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Top Ten Business Goals for 2017 and Beyond

Top Ten Business Goals for 2017 and Beyond

Are you planning to grow your business in 2017? If so, it is important to create goals. We are talking about real goals. Not goals that simply state things like “make more money than 2016” or “grow my customer base in 2017.” Any top-notch business person will tell you that goals need to be dedicated, measurable, and have benefits that can be tracked from beginning to end.


Here are our top ten tips to make your business succeed in 2017!


Address one area of your current business that needs some love


In every business, small and large, quickly successful and slow to grow, there are areas that get left behind. Maybe your accounting is subpar and has gotten out of hand, or you don’t express appreciation for your employees enough. Whatever it is, now is the time to think deep about what you can do to improve one of these areas that will return the most value to your business.



Invest time into an area that you’ve never ventured (but probably should)


What could you do above and beyond your current business? If you’ve been too scared to venture out and learn a new way, take time to fully understand what your competitors are doing. Assess the cost effectiveness of cutting-edge practices and educate yourself so you feel comfortable implementing these new strategies.



Trust yourself to do more


Top Ten Business Goals for 2017


Let’s be clear: this does not mean you should take on more than you can handle to save a little money. This means that you should realize your potential and take full advantage of it! If there are areas of your business that could grow, by all means, do it! With you behind the wheel, your business should be right on course for future success.





Trust those around you to do more


The people you surround yourself with, be it family, business associates, employees, or contracted help, are there for a reason! Make sure that you are allowing them the freedom and feedback that they need to perform their best for your business. Trust leads to feeling valued, which leads to a greater motivation to work hard.



Stop pouring countless hours into outdated practices


As we established in Tip #2, business moves fast, which is all the more reason to try to keep up! If change makes you nervous, think back to when you started and remember how it felt to see success because of your willingness to take a chance. In the words of Michael John Bobak, “all progress takes place outside the comfort zone”.



Find ways to be more efficient and organized, day to day


Whether it’s your calendar, client list, work vehicle, future plan or computer file system, there are always things to improve. Making systems for everything might not be your thing but you should at least be able to present your company to prospective business as timely and professional… and we all know first impressions go a long way!



Plan for the future, while remembering your mistakes

Growing a business is a lot like growing a bonsai tree. Each move must be intentional, planned and executed with the utmost of care. The growing process will take patience and there will be times where you are unsure of your decisions. However if you note what works and what doesn’t, you will eventually find that you have identified the more prosperous decisions for your business.



Readdress your mission statement, or write one


When you started, you had a vision. Okay, maybe you didn’t, but we’re sure you had an idea. Sometimes along the way, you have to look back to see if that idea is still what you truly desire. If it is, then persevere with that mission renewed in your mind! If you have lost your way or decided on a different path, it’s time to recalculate your ambitions. Pull out your map and mark a new X where you would like to see your business go over the next few months and years.



Promote your business more often and with more vigor


You could be the best in the world at what you do, but if no one knows about it, it will be hard to grow. If you have a hard time marketing yourself or feel like your time is better spent elsewhere in the business, Stella PR + Marketing can relieve this burden. Public relations and marketing is one of the few areas of business that will make you more money than you spend.



Resolve to love what you do


The most important element of running a business is loving what you do! Remember why you started doing what you do, focus on that inner will to succeed, and the rewards are sure to follow.



Let’s make 2017 your best business year yet!