Stella PR+ Marketing | Does standing up have its cost for Brands?
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Does standing up have its cost for Brands?

The current state of political controversies in the U.S. has left many brands at a standstill. Deciding how to approach these topics is never easy and any route you choose will almost certainly anger some segment of the population. While it is important to consumers that brands and companies voice their support for topics of controversy, many brands are facing serious backlash when taking a stand on issues.


Delta is the most recent target of backlash, caused by their decision to end their discount program with the NRA. Although many companies made the same PR decision, Delta has faced the most severe response. Delta, headquartered in Atlanta GA was set to receive a tax break from the government which exempted taxes on jet fuel, ultimately saving Delta millions. But after its break with the NRA, conservative politicians in the state pushed back and said they would not pass the tax break measure unless DELTA fully reinstated its ties to the NRA. Delta declined to do so and Thursday, March 1st Georgia lawmakers voted to pass a sweeping tax bill excluding the jet fuel tax break. This decision ultimately will cost Delta millions and brands are having to ask themselves….


Can we afford to put ourselves in the line of fire?


Sometimes putting your brand within this line of fire is the best option. We live in an era of controversy, uncertainty, but most importantly: HOPE. Making known what you stand for may not always be the most popular opinion, but it is the most important thing a brand can do.


We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, daughters, and it is our duty to protect our youth and the rest of humanity from life-threatening situations. We stand with the School walkouts taking part on March 14. We stand with the March for our lives on March 24. We stand with brands working to protect the well-being of communities who are struggling to get their voices heard.