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Fresh Ideas for Springtime Marketing!

Grass is turning green, baby animals are being born, and daffodils are slowly growing out of the soil, which can only mean one thing: spring is finally here! As the sun stays out longer and the itch to get some spring cleaning done grows stronger, it’s time to start thinking about creating fresh new marketing ideas to match the new season. Customers are looking for things to do outside, they’re looking for juicy fruits and vegetables to eat, and they’re looking for something that makes them excited about all of the springtime activities they can do.


Here is a list of some springtime marketing ideas that are bound to get your customers excited:


1.) Spring Holidays: Customers anticipate spring holidays so they can spend time with their family and friends. Some holidays coming up include Easter, Mother’s Day, Passover, and May Day. Make sure you are using each holiday to appropriately target your audience. If you are a florist, for instance, push that sending flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day is the best way to show that you appreciate her. If you are in the cupcake industry, you can market yourself in a way that shows customers that they absolutely must take your Easter bunny adorned cupcakes to their family event and make all of their relatives happy. Promotional ideas are also incredibly useful during spring holidays. An idea of a promotion could be: “buy one, get one 50 percent off.” This will surely grab anybody’s attention.

Spring Holidays
2.) March Madness: Even if your target audience typically aren’t sports fans, they’ll more than likely watch at least one college basketball game before March Madness is over, so use this to your advantage! Now might be the time to check in with your local television station to run some of your advertisements locally during the big game. You can also tie in March Madness to banners in your store or on your social media sites!

March Madness
3.) Use Bright Colors: After a dreary winter, your customers are likely ready to see some bright, warm colors that will put them in a happier mood. You can use this to your advantage by posting social media statuses or pictures featuring brightly colored flowers or scenery. Nothing is better than putting your customer in a good mood and having them know that you did that!

Bright Colors
4.) Talk about the Weather: Use gorgeous spring weather to help promote your business! Come up with deals that revolve around weather to bring in customers. Weather can be particularly useful for restaurants with patios; these businesses can bring in customers by making deals on their meals and entice them with a nice patio table.

Happy Mood

5.) Spring Cleaning: Much like the sun melting away the snow and bringing up the new flowers, people are cleaning out their homes getting ready for new items. As a business, you want to have that customer choose one of your products to be the new item they bring into their home. Think of ways you can creatively bring a springtime approach to your business. This could mean organizing all of your raincoats, boots, and umbrellas into the front of your store or it could mean creating fantastic steals!


Happy Spring!

Colorful Spring