Stella PR+ Marketing | Holy Shit I’m 40!
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Holy Shit I’m 40!

Every time I’ve told someone I’m turning forty this week, I get a response back reminding me that I’m hitting a major milestone. Kinda like turning 16 or 21. But this time, I’m moving from still being considered young to middle age. This birthday is probably one my first birthday’s that I’ve had to sit back and reflect a few truths about my life.


Here are three learning moments and lessons in my life:


Every time I feel as though my heart is too full to love more, God tends to play tricks on me and introduces me to others. Interacting with others with integrity and love will leave a lasting impact – although you may not even realize it at the time. Putting relationships first, I’ve learned to appreciate and feel a sense of gratitude by experiencing something new, something more… everything else is a luxury.


The past 40 years have taught me the importance of fitness. Not only of the body but of the mind as well. Fitness enhances life in so many incredible ways. The benefits of exercise, healthy eating, a full nights rest, and keeping stress levels in check have allowed me to fully submit myself to my family and my career. Staying present and focusing on the moment has allowed me to enjoy the wonders of being a single mom of two beautiful girls.


Stella PR + Marketing has helped to teach me so many lessons since opening our doors six years ago. I have learned the only judge of your success is yourself. It is important to remind yourself that you are your hardest critic and being authentic to who you are is far more important than submitting yourself to something you don’t believe in. Don’t get caught up in something that you feel would compromise your character in order to satisfy others. Authenticity and gratitude are key. Always be kind, don’t be so hard on yourself, and when things get tough, take a break, sit back and have a glass of wine… you owe it to yourself.


Being authentic, vulnerable, and speaking the truth, will attract the lives and relationships we deserve. I look forward to the next milestone, as we continue down this crazy path called life.

-Stella Peterson, mom and CEO of Stella PR + Marketing