Stella PR+ Marketing | How AR Could Change the Way We Market Products to Our Customers
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How AR Could Change the Way We Market Products to Our Customers


Recently augmented reality (yes, I had to Google what this means too) has advanced greatly and become accessible to the ordinary person. Snapchat’s world lens feature has given marketers a new tool to reach their target customers and have their product or idea shared over and over again.  This feature allows users to point the camera out to the world and see filters or planted designs in specific geo-locations.


Using the augmented reality Snapchat has created, allows companies to have their lenses shared thousands of times and get people talking. According to the American Marketing Association, a 300-person event utilized the Snapchat lens feature and was able to reach 24,000 people. With almost every person owning a smartphone and participating on social media, it is wise to stay on top of the trends and take advantage of the benefits they provide before going out of style.


Even though augmented reality has advanced to this point, there are still challenges to be faced and kinks to be worked out. Thomas Husson, vice president and principal analyst of marketing and strategy at Forrester Research​ explains that marketers should get their fair share of practice using AR marketing because there is a learning curve. It is just the beginning of AR marketing, but it looks like the opportunities it will bring are going to be disruptive and something we have not seen before.