Stella PR+ Marketing | How meaningful narratives are changing the way marketing is done
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How meaningful narratives are changing the way marketing is done

Do you have that one friend that loves talking about themselves. Many people have fallen victim into the look-at-me syndrome but we all know this approach doesn’t always work so well. This also doesn’t work well in business either. The days of marketing as an attention seeking entity is starting to be extinct and replaced by more thoughtful content driven marketing.


The narrative is changing! People want to be told of things that matter. Storytelling has given the industry the platform to move toward meaningful content being produced and away from “me” messages. Now marketing is starting to play a more crucial role in strategic voice focusing on their company vision.


Companies that can dominate the narrative in their category are winning the battle of their niche. Now that marketing and narrative have a role, marketers have more responsibilities to communicate a companies vision.


Marketers are now strategic narratives who focus on creating unique and meaningful messages, as it is the future of this industry that can change the way people view the company and change the way everyone else hears your message.