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Igniting the Marketing Torch


maxresdefaultThe 2016 Summer Olympics are almost here! It is a time when the world comes together to watch athletes compete in everything from archery to soccer to gymnastics and wrestling. This year, there are 42 sports and 306 events taking place over 19 days of competition. You may be thinking, this is great and all, but how does it help me and why should I care? Hold your horses, because we’re about to tell you.



The Power of Social Media

Twitter and Facebook may become your best friends during these Olympics because of their monumental influence on the content people see and share. The 2012 London Olympics set social media records with 150 million Olympic-related tweets and 100 million Olympic-related Facebook posts and comments throughout the games. Since there are now 1.5 billion active Facebook users across the globe, and 316 million on Twitter, you should not have any issues reaching your audience. The numbers don’t lie, so you should start NOW with your social media approach.


So What Now?
Well, it’s all about getting your name and brand out there. Pay attention to trending hashtags or create your own to help get your brand noticed. You can post content about the Olympics as it relates to your company; Thank-You-Mom-Olympic-Advertising-Compaignperhaps have a toga day at the office and post pics with a trending hashtag! You can also host a Summer Olympics 2016 viewing party at work and capture moments via Snapchat and Periscope. Start a social media campaign focused on an Olympic theme. A great example is the P&G “Thank You, Mom” campaign which highlighted the fact that no matter what, moms are always there. Your brand could do a similar campaign to connect the athletes’ passion and drive to your brand’s same passion and drive.



Bring the Games to Life

Since the Olympics are chock-full of events, why not host one of your own? For Nike’s World Cup viewing party in 2010, Relevent Sports set up a large video screen in New York and designed it to look like a soccer field by covering it in turf. This was an easy way to get people to come by, have some fun and, more importantly, connect with their brand a little more.

e18602image4jpgYou could even host an Olympics of your own! Consider renting out a park for a day and hold several events such as obstacle courses or soccer tournaments. As your version of the Olympics takes place, hand out coupons or free samples. Your possibilities are endless!

If you do not have the budget to afford renting out an entire park, try hosting events at your location and think of fun ways you can bring these games to life. An example may be to have a game of darts in place of archery or a small-scale tennis set up. Think out of the box!


Competitions both on and off the field are more interactive and allow people to have fun and express themselves. Several brands do this to connect with their audience and drive engagement, liTeam_USA_Fans_Show_Their_Spiritke when Expedia gave people free tickets in exchange for their best travel photos. Your brand could run a contest through social media where people share photos of themselves representing their country; all they would have to do is use a hashtag and tag your brand. The winner could receive free tickets to the Olympics or a special Olympic-themed deal from your company.


In the end, remember that you don’t have to be in Rio de Janeiro to take advantage of the excitement surrounding the 2016 Summer Olympics. Companies both big and small can find smart ways to incorporate this international event into their marketing for Olympic-sized results.

Now go be a marketer and do what you do best – market!