Stella PR+ Marketing | Introducing: BioFusionary
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Introducing: BioFusionary


Image Screenshot BioFusionary

One of the great perks of operating as a PR+ Marketing firm is the ability to develop the image and persona of new and aspiring organizations.  This past February, Stella PR+ Marketing was honored to be invited to manage some of the PR and marketing relations for The BioFusionary Corporation; a spin-off from Rocky Mountain Biosystems, Inc. (RMBI), a Colorado company formed in 2001 by, Kevin Marchitto, Ph.D., and, Stephen Flock Ph.D.

A Brief Background on BioFusionary

BioFusionary research is generating products that will  enable surgeons to controllably seal, connect, tighten and shape tissues in ways never before possible. BioFusionary is based on high frequency magnetodynamics; a means to apply energy derived from rapidly changing magnetic fields to induce effects in tissues and unique bio-materials. In more simpler terms, BioFusionary uses heat technology (not lasers) to tighten, reshape, seal and fuse loose, connective skin tissues together!

After joining the BioFusionary team, we went to work immediately dropping little bits of creativity and expertise into their logo, website, brand management and persona. With help from key players of the Stella PR+ Marketing team, this is what we created!

A Revamped Logo

When BioFusionary first began, their logo appeared to us as nothing more than a rendition of simple clip art. We saw the potential to reconstruct their logo to bring more action and meaning to their product and corporation and redesigned it with one key feature, capitalizing the word, “Fusionary.”  This introduced a sense of interaction to what was just one word, “biofusionary.”  We had the vision to combine ‘Bio,’  meaning life energy and presence, with the strong action word, ‘Fusionary,’ fusing, merging, integrating, to portray a new sense of the brand and what their technology does.  This change was huge for us and the BioFusionary brand as the logo now demonstrated a much more synergetic role with the brand technology and their patients by juxtaposing life with technology.

Logo design is an important component in brand management that is often overlooked. Improving the aesthetics of your business’s logo is crucial to stand out and gain respect in their industry.

A Completely Interactive Website

If you have ever searched through a medical research/technology website, you are fully aware that what you see on the site is as plain and dull as the office you visit in person, complete with beige walls, calming neutrals and outdated pictures and bulletins.  Our impressions of the original BioFusionary website were no different.  With technology experts on hand, we tore down and recalculated every inch of the BioFusionary website, making it the most stylish, practical and interactive site in its field.  Some of our little obsessions with the site are its toggle buttons.  On the “before and after products page,” patients and other persons of interest are able to examine pictures of subjects who have undergone treatments of the BioFusionary Bebe using slide and drag arrows.  These arrows allow the user to control their own experience with the site while reviewing the BioFusionary technology and witnessing first-hand, the close-up and amazing results the product delivers.

Image via BioFusionary

Informational Videos

Let’s be honest, we are marketers not scientists and when the professionals at BioFusionary expected us to grasp their technology concepts from reading their “informational pamphlets,” we were anything but informed and we knew their patients would feel the same way.  We took this as an opportunity to introduce video footage to their website that was untroublesome and brought clients and physicians to a more personal level with the BioFusionary corporation.  This video featuring CEO, Kevin Marchitto, explains the applied science behind the BioFusionary brand and features staged demonstrations of how their products work.  This video link also appears atop every searchable page on the site utilizing accessibility for any and all that are interested. When communicating with your audience, videos demonstrate a much easier way to deliver a message as opposed to providing them with lengthy and dense scientific language.

Screen Shot BioFusionary

Product Brochures

As mentioned previously above, the Stella PR+ Marketing team was having a hard time commiting to the original BioFusionary informational packets.  Because of the confusion that the packets brought us, we saw this as a final arena in which to improve the BioFusionary corporation.  By implementing these product brochures, we have found that patients can now understand the technology and innovation behind the BioFusionary brand where as before, this information was limited to those in the science technology fields.

Creating and utilizing product brochures are important when reconstructing brand imaging.  Effective product brochures increase a brand’s credibility.

Teaming up with BioFusionary to renovate their site and brand was one of the greatest honors and achievements of the year thus far for Stella PR+ Marketing.  Working alongside professionals who are as passionate about a brand as we are, reminds us of why we love doing what we do so much.