Stella PR+ Marketing | Lessons Learned: CEO in 10 with Stella Peterson
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Lessons Learned: CEO in 10 with Stella Peterson

Stella PR + Marketing CEO Stella Peterson was featured on BlogTalkRadio‘s Life Lessons with Rick Tocquigny this morning to discuss leadership and life lessons! Click below to listen.

Commencement Speech for College Graduates

“As you graduate and move into what they call the ‘real world’, there’s going to be a lot of eyes on you, or at least it’s going to seem like it. Everyone will be asking what you’re going to do now, who you’re going to become. This can be one of the most nerve-wracking times of your life, but it is easily one of the most exciting. You can do anything you want!

The ‘real world’ isn’t the world of 9-to-5 cubicles and mortgage payments and it’s certainly not what MTV thinks “The Real World” is, either. Being in the real world is being in the present. We’ve been told to find a job you love but you are not your salary and you are not your title. Don’t just find a job you love, find a job that allows you to do everything else you love, too, whether that’s trying new hobbies or spending time with the people you care about.

It won’t always be easy; life would be boring if it was, but you have to make the choices that will make you into the person you want to be. People may doubt you and you may doubt yourself, but you have to be confident and keep going. Starting my company was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done but it has honestly been one of the most rewarding. You just can’t lose sight of what you’re doing all this for. Life doesn’t slow down, but it does end – it really is too short to spend unhappy. I’ve come to realize that everything is a learning experience no matter how old we grow, so you have to be open to new ideas; not afraid to step out on your own and take the lead, and not afraid to ask questions either. Simply take pride in your work and ultimately, have fun! Explore the ‘real world’, find what makes you happy and hold on to it. There is no better success.”