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Made in the USA

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The slogan, “Made in the USA,” is back and seems to be stronger than ever. Most recently, the U.S. has witnessed major companies turning away from off-shore manufacturing and bringing their companies back home.  One of the industry’s giants, Apple, has been an example of a corporation to make the change. With a reputation famous for enormous factories in China, Apple has made the decision to start the production of one of its computer lines in the U.S.  Walmart is also following this trend and is committed to spending 50 billion dollars with American suppliers/vendors over the next decade. JetBlue and Ashley furniture will also go local and invest in American soil to rebuild their manufacturing plants.

Tim Cook with Apple on moving manufacturing line of specific Mac products to U.S./Getty Images

So what does all of this news mean for marketers? With major U.S. manufacturing companies coming home, they are going to need serious movers and shakers, who also know how to save money, to keep their products booming and innovation churning. Ford stands as a great example of a manufacturer whose production works simultaneously with selling their product, locally and globally.  “The ability to make things is fundamental to the ability to innovate things over the long term,” says Willy Shih, a Harvard Business School professor and co-author of Producing Prosperity: Why America Needs a Manufacturing Renaissance. “In other words, what you make makes you.”

Communications and marketing skills are needed for these manufacturing jobs in other ways too.  This need is most noticeable in the arena of social media.  While small businesses and large corporations alike have adopted and embodied the utilization of Twitter, Facebook, and blogging to expand brand promotion, The Forrester report noted that roughly 30% of global manufacturers thought they would increase social media spending in 2012. Having professionals with social media expertise working in manufacturing organizations is extremely crucial considering the fact that the embracement of social media will only grow in exigency as more and more consumers use the internet in order to begin their research before buying a product.

Here is a link to manufacturers that call Colorado home and are keeping it, “Made in the USA!”