Stella PR+ Marketing | Organizations Making a Difference: OpenWorld Learning
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Organizations Making a Difference: OpenWorld Learning

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OpenWorld Leaning (OWL) is a nonprofit organization that supports children’s school success through digital technology and peer teaching to develop tomorrow’s leaders. OWL ignites a love of learning and the numbers are there to prove it. Since 2009-2012, there has been a positive correlation between OWL attendance and school day attendance. “While OWL students start behind, not only do they catch up but they surpass their non-OWL counterparts relative to the rate of NET*S Skill Acquisition,” said Lea Ann Reitzig, managing director of OpenWorld Learning.

There is no doubt that OWL students are dedicated all year and many of them display their projects at OWL’s ePortfolio Tech Competition and Community Fair. The event is a forum to highlight and congratulate elementary and middle school students for their hard work in the OWL program. It is a collaboration among OWL staff/students, sites, and generous Denver community partners.

The Graphic Design category for the ePortfolio Tech Competition was the event that we had the pleasure of judging, but other categories at the event included: Art and Animation, Game Design, Interactive Learning Projects, Writing/Research, Robotics, Graphic Design, and Stop Motion Animation. Graphic Design was one of the largest categories at the event. Projects ranged from enlarging celebrity eye balls to creating a Japan inspired comic book cover. One student cleverly came up with his own “jalapeno-inspired” joke and then he printed his design on a t-shirt!

(Left) Annie Grenier of  EVP, Business Development, TriWorth. (Center) Jan Wood of OWL. (Right) Stella Peterson of Stella PR+ Marketing. Image via OpenWorld Learning

From our time spent judging the event, it was evident that these OWL students displayed that they have a grasp on 10 basic Adobe Photoshop skills.

  1. Duplicate the background layer
  2. Automatic image adjustments
  3. Layers
  4. Automatic curves
  5. Make colors pop
  6. Black and White conversions
  7. Resizing and Cropping images
  8. Image Border
  9. Saving for the web
  10. PSD versus Non-PSD

The winning student school projects are showcased on OWL’s ePortfolio website:   Well done kids, keep up the great work!