Stella PR+ Marketing | Our top picks for this year’s best holiday ad campaigns
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Our top picks for this year’s best holiday ad campaigns

The holiday season is in full swing, and you know what that means… holiday campaigns! It’s that time of year where companies try to enchant people with heartwarming and festive campaigns and events, in order to get their product, wrapped with love right under your tree.


Here’s a roundup of our favorite holiday campaigns this year:


1. M&M’s Unwraps a Sequel


Nothing says holiday spirit quite like nostalgia, and M&M’s has tapped into that feeling for their 2017 holiday campaign. Remember the classic M&M holiday commercial that aired in 1996 that made Yellow and Red M&M household names? Well, 21 years later, Mars brand has made a sequel to the original Ad that ended with the infamous scene of Santa and Red M&M fainting. BBDO France and BBDO New York teamed up to bring audiences to this jolly reboot, where Yellow steps up to save Christmas. So sweet! Literally!! It’s hip producers wanted to keep it as close to the original spot as possible, so they found outdated technology that was used when the ad aired back in 1996.



2. The North Pole Has Come to Denver


Who’s in the mood for a Christmas cocktail?! Inside Denver’s Wayward restaurant, the north pole awaits and is ready to warm up your cold hands with a drink. Wayward has opened the pop-up bar, aptly named Miracle, in hopes of bringing in new customers and awareness to the restaurant. Do you think they sleighed it? The bar is open through Christmas, and it is a must for anyone who likes holiday festivities and a good damn drink. So drink up. Nothing says happy holidays more than a “Run, Run, Rudolph” cocktail!

Photos Courtesy of the Denver Post





3. Coca-Cola’s Holiday Website


From the iconic polar bear to their always cheerful Christmas ads, there might not be any brand out there that’s more synonymous with the holidays than Coca-Cola! Every December you can count on commercials featuring Santa along with all the holiday trappings. Marketing folks like us, have noticed that the cool company has missed a way to interact with consumers. So it’s exciting to see that they have solved that problem this year! Coca-Cola now has an official holiday website. The site is your one-stop for all things festive including DIY decorations, recipes, and fun blogs with topics like “5 things you didn’t know about Santa Claus”. Love it!! If you had any doubts this holiday season, Coca-Cola has gone out of its way to prove to you that it’s the official brand of yuletide cheer.



4. Apple’s Snowy Night, Love at First Sight


Well, Apple never seems to fail at emotionally connecting with their audience! Its newest holiday commercial is no exception. Set to Sam Smith’s new “Palace”, the ad takes place in a snowy city-scape, with two strangers who fall in love at first sight… Just when you thought the iPhone 8 couldn’t possibly have any better features, it now has the ability to spark love at first sight, (finally)!



5. Macy’s Sends Santa Letters For a Good Cause


While most Christmas ads are a nudge to buy the product, Macy’s campaign is focusing less on shopping and more on giving. Macy’s is celebrating its 10th anniversary of their ‘Believe’ campaign benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation! This heartwarming campaign gives believers the opportunity to drop off their letter to Santa at any Macy’s store, then Macy’s donates a dollar to Make-A-Wish for every letter they receive. A big shout out to Macy’s for continuing an iconic and impactful campaign!















May your holiday be as bright as your spirits are light!