Stella PR+ Marketing | Periscope: The Next Big Thing?
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Periscope: The Next Big Thing?

The Puddle Seen Around the World

A few years ago, it would have been ridiculous to think that 19,000 people watching a puddle would be a hit, but thanks to Apple’s #1 rated app of 2015, it is just another day on the Internet. That’s right, 19,000 people watching a puddle became a sensation. Let’s explain: there was a puddle outside of a house in Britain that was uncomfortably large for people to simply step over. A hilarious feed of people struggling to get around this daunting puddle was uploaded to Periscope. Both cringe-worthy and awkwardly entertaining, the stream spurred the hashtag #DrummondPuddleWatch. Naturally, this has caught the attention of several businesses because if a puddle can get that much attention, imagine what a brand can do!


Social media buttonsThe Popularity of Periscope

Twitter bought the app in 2015 for roughly $90 million dollars. They have recently made it possible for users to watch Periscope feeds directly on their Twitter timelines, eliminating the need to download the app or register for a Periscope account to start watching. The app has already proven itself a worthy contender in the social media world because of its astonishing number of users. Periscope gained over 20 million users in less than a year. To put that into perspective, it took three and a half years for Facebook to get 50 million users. If Periscope continues to grow at this rate, it will reach close to 70 million users at the same three and a half year mark as Facebook.


Who is using Periscope already?

The music-streaming app, Spotify, posted a behind the scenes feed of Irish Folk singer, Conor O’Brien. During the stream, 382 viewers tuned in, and the feed gained over 1,500 likes. This feed strengthened Spotify’s brand equity, and has set the stage (literally) for more streaming events. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show did a similar feed, with several Angels streaming from behind the stage. This could possibly be a gateway for other television programs to do the same and make people feel as if they were there. Mountain Dew has also used the app in a unique way with their feed, “Stop By to Say What’s Up.” The feed showed a girl spelling out the word “Swag” on a chalkboard with a table full of Mountain Dew merchandise. A few lucky fans that interacted with the feed were given some free Mountain Dew gear, raising brand awareness. Red Bull is using the app to stream events such as its Red Bull Guest House, a weekend-long party in Miami. This reflected their brand image perfectly and gave people an inside look at an exclusive event.



With the rise of video and image sharing apps, the creators of Periscope have seemed to capture the attention of millions around the world with a very simple concept. Businesses have proven that using Periscope to provide a transparent behind the scenes look, such as interviews with staff or rarely seen candid moments can be successful and lead to a greater brand recognition and trust. People want to be viral, and businesses want to be on top of the next big social media outlet. Who knows…you may wake up one morning as a viral superstar or your product may be the next hot thing on the market. Get out there and find out!