Stella PR+ Marketing | Pinterest Place Pins’ Great Potential
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Pinterest Place Pins’ Great Potential


Image via Pinterest

New things are on the horizon for Pinterest. The bookmarking site known for allowing users to create virtual pinboards of anything from motivational quotes to baby animals is now incorporating “place pins” that let people add maps to boards and pin accordingly.

With location info like phone numbers and addresses attached to these pins, the move was to make a Pinterest handier for travel. According to Pinterest, users had already pinned 750 million pins of 1.5 million places – so letting people pin these places to maps, whether it’s their favorite coffee shops or places to see before they die, seems like a no brainer. They’ve already been a hit for travelers and connoisseurs and the companies that cater to them with businesses such as, UrbanSpoon, and Airbnb as some of the first to take advantage of this new feature.

But place pins have a lot more potential beyond travel. Previously dominated by the realm of retail, place pins have opened up Pinterest doors to all kinds of businesses. Real estate website Trulia uses the site to list houses for sale while the University of Michigan has created a fun virtual tour of their campus to attract potential students. Further opportunities abound: for example, event planners could show off their Bachelorette Party Package that takes you through a night on the town and airline companies could link destination pins to book a flight – even pop stars could get to pinning, tagging tour stops and linking to ticket sites. With attached addresses, companies may also want to check out place pins as a platform for coupons or special events.


Image via Pinterest

Though a seemingly simple idea, adding place pins was a big step for Pinterest. Not only have place pins increased Pinterest functionality as an on-the-go app with location info and directions right at your fingertips, but they’ve also provided a new platform for all kinds of companies to connect with consumers. Though still fairly new, place pins are certainly something to keep an eye on.

It’ll be interesting to see how place pins continue to shape Pinterest and expand its audience and which companies will choose to join the place pinning scene – and how.