Stella PR+ Marketing | Public Relations needs Marketing, if you don’t agree…Sip Tea
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Public Relations needs Marketing, if you don’t agree…Sip Tea

No more does public relations consist solely of press releases and media relations. Clients have evolved and are ever changing with the times. Advertising, marketing strategies, traditional public relations and videography are all necessary when conveying a compelling communications campaign. Any public relations or marketing agency that wishes to retain and develop new clients better be able to provide a portfolio of services. In a previous post, we discussed how and when is the right time to hire a marketing agency.


How Does a Single Company Obtain these Skillsets?

The answer is – a talented team. Now that’s lit!  Organizations need to expand their teams beyond thoughtful communicators that are skilled in “matter-of-fact” press releases and “creative” copy. All types of communications are leveraging graphic design, web development, videography, social media and more. Whether a candidate has a master’s in graphic design or is humbly self-taught in Photoshop, recruiting communicators that possess an artillery of design approaches are what clients are asking for with results-focused communication campaigns.


Seeking the Skilled Without Being Tired A.F.

If you are wondering how to find these types of communicators, look to uniquely experienced professionals that have design skills. After all, not all communicators come from a public relations background. Communicators can come from television personnel, producers, web designers, and even advertising managers. Then make sure that they have the willingness to learn your communication style. Don’t believe us, stop by the office and we’ll show you many types of resumes! Do you think we pick candidate resumes with just words?


If You’re Thirsty

Turn your focus to recent graduates that have completed a degree in public relations. Most collegiate programs now require students to undergo a variety of design-focused courses. Though these communicators may not have years of experience to back up their abilities, a fresh perspective and eager desire to please, can offer any industry professional a renovated take on communications.


Bottom Line

Put your public relations campaigns to the test – find yourself a communicator that can expand the horizon of communications.


Why PR before Marketing in Stella PR + Marketing?

Why not???! We are an agency specializing in brand strategy and marketing communications. So it should be no surprise to learn that we help clients build PR + Marketing campaigns from the ground up as well as assist with current marketing programs. Our goal is to make marketing campaigns more cost-effective and results-driven, sound similar to public relations… huh.


Stella PR + Marketing would love to make your brand and communications pop! Message Stella Peterson at or call (303) 550-9338 to learn more about the skills that it takes to create a compelling communications campaign!