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The Answer to Marketing

why-not-stamp1-300x111Martin Luther King Jr., the Wright brothers, and Apple all have one thing in common. Hmm… Anything? Well we know that Apple doesn’t make iPlanes and the Wright brothers weren’t big on speeches.

According to Simon Sinek, presenter of a great TEDTalk, they all changed the world in the same way because they believed in ‘why’. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it.” Sinek captures a seemingly simple yet profound idea and we think it’s a must-see for any marketer.

Here are four marketing takeaways to build your business:golden1-269x300

‘Why’ Guides Your Message
Sinek’sgolden circle” concept shows how great ideas shine when you start from the inside out: address why you do what you do, then how you do it, and finally, what it is you actually do! Make sense? Look at it this way. The ‘why’ appeals to emotion and sells the product before you even mention it. It’s the core of your brand and should be the core of all your messaging. Before talking about the bells and whistles of your product, try to show why anyone should care about it in the first place.

‘Why’ Guides Emotions
‘Why’ informs our gut feelings. It’s how customers connect to your brand; if they feel it, they’ll rationalize it. For example, there’s a particular sports team out there and right when they are ready to win it all, they don’t. Regardless of a huge disappointment, it’s love of that team that brings you back. Even if they haven’t made it to the super bowl in ten-some years. If you develop an emotional relationship, no matter what happens, your customers will stand by your brand.

‘Why’ Makes Leaders
Let’s go back to Apple and MLK – Sinek does a great job of explaining that these people (and brands) were successful not because they had a good idea, but because people believed in the idea just as much as they did. ‘Why’ isn’t just for advertisements; it’s crucial in business and networking relationships. Communicate the ‘why’ so employees, donors, and media want your business to succeed as much as you do.

Why’ Keeps Your Brand Afloat
With anything, as times change, so will your customers and their needs. Your products or services and ultimately your company will change (if you’re not changing…you’re likely not succeeding but we’ll blog about that later). Navigating new waters can be tricky for a brand, but having a clear idea of ‘why’ your brand exists will help your company stick to its roots and stay focused, even in times of turmoil.

A brand is a personality; focus on selling the idea not the product. Check out Simon Sinek’s TEDTalk – and “why” waste any more time on bad marketing?