Stella PR+ Marketing | The Best Bang for Your Buck: In-house vs Agency
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The Best Bang for Your Buck: In-house vs Agency

Over the past several years we have seen more and more companies start to move their advertising campaigns completely in-house (done themselves).  This has made it harder for independent marketing/ad agencies to find work.  Is this change, moving in-house, ultimately good or bad for corporations?  There are certainly pros and cons to both.


Reasons to Keep Marketing/Advertising In-house:


1).  A better sense of the brand culture:  When you are advertising a brand, you want to keep that same brand culture consistent throughout all your ads; Nike à Affordable yet very high-end sportswear for anyone, Amazon à Innovation of the future, Snickers à not a treat but an energizing snack, etc.  When keeping marketing in-house, companies feel that their people know the culture the best, and therefore can create the best ads for them.


2).  Knowledge of the brand:  This is a point that often goes unnoticed, but is crucial when marketing for a company.  You have to know the companies’ products and services inside and out in order to create the best ad possible.  Who knows the brand better than an internal marketing/ad team? Probably no one.


3).  Focus:  When keeping your marketing in-house, you know that 100% of the team’s focus will be on making a great campaign to skyrocket business.  After all, the better the marketing team does increase sales, the greater the paycheck they will receive.  When finding an external agency, they may be working several different accounts at a given time.


Reasons to Seek Out an External Agency:


1).  Different Perspective:  One of the biggest mistakes brands make is continuing the same marketing approach after it is proven to be ineffective.  Seeking out an external ad agency can give your brand a completely new perspective and the path to advertise that an in-house team would have never thought of.


2).  Skillset:  With external agencies, many of them have expertise in all areas of marketing.  For example, Stella PR + Marketing has experience with T.V., Social Media, Print, YouTube ads, etc.  Often times our skillset exceeds that of an internal marketing department.


3).  Deadlines:  Marketing agencies are desperate for clients to keep their business afloat.  They are usually very well time managed and get projects done in a timely manner.  Juggling multiple accounts at a time keeps these agencies very organized, and you can expect projects to get done.


Depending on where your business stands, there are pros and cons to both in-house and external agencies.  Perhaps starting in-house may be a good idea but seeking help from an external agency will indeed give your business a fresh and new start.  To learn more about Stella PR + Marketing, visit