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The Little Black Diary

After visiting a potential client’s office, I found a notebook. Without thinking I opened it to see if I could find its owner. I realized it was someone’s personal journal. It seemed interesting like finding the Diary of Anne Frank or something historical!


But just like seeing your employees in a dispensary, I felt like I should turn away, but I couldn’t stop reading it. At that moment, I wanted to experience what someone else was thinking.


After thinking about this from a personal perspective (and boy did I learn a lot), my marketing instincts kicked into full throttle. How could a brand understand this woman’s journey and truly add value to her life?


Consumers and brands alike often believe that it is the quality and the price point of a product that drive purchasing decisions but often, these purchase decisions are driven by emotion and personal identity. This continued my curiosity of this woman’s journey. How could a brand reach her on a personal level without ever knowing her experiences?


The answer to this falls under the Psychology of Branding to create a story within your brand.


·       Many businesses often forget to recognize the importance of branding in relation to marketing. Branding is the process of giving a brand an identity and story. To reach these consumers, you need to create your own brand story. What is your own brand story? Can you really relate to your consumers?


·       In order to sell a product, you can’t always assume you know your target market. Consumers have stories, and experiences, and emotions that are untouchable. To understand your target audience, you need to research, monitor, and create relationships with your target market. Do you understand your consumer’s needs and wants?


·       Brands need to offer their consumers emotional experiences. The best type of experiences are personable and draw emotions relatable to their own personal life. Are you giving them that experience? What is the experience you can offer your consumers?


By creating a brand that is real and emotion-driven you to come one step closer to reaching all women with the little black diary.