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The Power of Public Relations

The Instagram account “@thewaywemet” launched two weeks ago. Now the account has 22,700 followers and counting. In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, the amount of followers will go up significantly.



Account owner, Brooklyn Sherman, is a 27-year-old living in Los Angeles working at the APA Agency in the Comedy department. She said on her website that she thought she was “going to be an actress/singer until 2 weeks ago” after she discovered TheWayWeMet. She now claims that her purpose is “to share stories about love.”

Cosmopolitan was the first to write an article about the new Instagram account claiming that reading stories about happy couples “will give you hope.” The magazine wrote this article on Wednesday, June 17 and said the account had “nearly 2,000 followers.” In just two days the account has received over 20,000 new followers!




So what can we learn from this Instagram account? Two things: the importance of knowing your target audience and the importance of PUBLIC RELATIONS. Without the help of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Huffington Post and Elite Daily spreading the news about the account, chances are the amount of followers on the account would be growing at a slower pace.


Knowing your Target Audience:


Why not start this account on Twitter or Facebook? Both social media platforms hit a large range of people and could have had the same results as Sherman’s Instagram account. However, statistics from the Pew Research Center show that as of 2014, 53% of people ages 18-29 have an Instagram account. Since Sherman’s account relies on both pictures and stories, Instagram was a perfect fit for her idea. Instagram was also a perfect fit because her target audience is people ages 18-29 as her goal is to “give people hope that there is someone for everyone and [that]you will find them!” This isn’t to say that people who are in other age ranges don’t need to be reminded that there is someone for them, but people in the target audience tend to not be married. The couples’ stories that Sherman is sharing also tend to reflect the target audiences’ age, making the account more approachable for 18-29 year olds.


Public Relations:


It could be argued that TheWayWeMet would not have as many followers without the help of public relations. As previously stated, when Cosmopolitan released its article regarding the new Instagram account, it only had 2,000 followers. Now the account is growing every minute. Most people read the article and instantly went to check out TheWayWeMet. That’s how we found out about it!


The public relations aspect of TheWayWeMet also ties in with knowing your target audience. Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, and Elite Daily all have relatively younger readers. Many of these readers follow these publications on Facebook or Twitter, where they most likely saw a post regarding TheWayWeMet thus giving the account exposure in order to grow in popularity.


The moral of this story is if you think you have a great product that you know people would take pleasure in, research your audience to find out how they get their information. Are they reading the New York Times or Elite Daily? Are they primarily using Facebook or Instagram? Once you’ve figured out who your product would interest, set up interviews, send press releases and push your social media content!


For a little Father’s Day Twist!:


One of our favorite “love stories” is about a couple who met through a mutual friend in Dallas. The two hit it off after meeting and later found out that their Dads had been friends since the second grade and were college roommates their freshman year. The two had lost touch over the years but were reconnected after the couple got into a relationship.