Stella PR+ Marketing | Timing is Everything: Why a Brand Calendar is Crucial
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Timing is Everything: Why a Brand Calendar is Crucial


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Your brand calendar is the roadmap to establishing connections between your company, the customer, and current events. It goes beyond simple content creation to serve as a creative guide for all brand messaging from press releases to blog posts and overarching campaigns. It is an essential guide for what you need to say, how to say it, and when you should say it for maximum impact.


How does one go about creating a custom brand calendar? There are a few things to consider when developing your calendar and marketing tactics – writing them all down is the first step!


Ask questions.

What is going on with your customer? Are there upcoming events, movies, books, etc. that your market will be buzzing about? Building connections between your brand and these industry interests, through cross-promotion or relevant messaging, allows you to capitalize on a pre-existing momentum. If some interests just don’t seem to relate to your brand, write them down anyway. What your customer does is always relevant and understanding what goes on in their lives allows you to make more informed decisions on how and when to release your marketing. You wouldn’t want to plan a big announcement for a time when your customers will be too busy flocking to Voodoo Doughnut  for the latest Bacon Maple Bar. Yummy!


Get cycling without a bicycle! Here’s how.

Take note of pop culture cycles. Award season and popular television or movie releases can provide great platforms for connecting with your audience in a relevant and fun way. Pay attention to buying and seasonal cycles such as the weather, holidays, tax season, paydays and so forth. Know when people are spending money (or aren’t) and on what. Consider your market’s life cycles. Is it back-to-school for college students? Vacation season? If you’re targeting new parents, it’s worth noting that August is the month with the highest birth rate. Wow!


Do an online search for relevant historical or commemorative dates.

There seems to be a month or day dedicated to just about anything: with Women’s History Month in March, National Guide Dog Month in September, and National Lasagna Day on July 29, you are sure to find something that will relate to your brand and customers.


Track what’s going on with your company and competitors.

Take planned product launches and campaigns into account to better leverage when, where, and how to release your own marketing content.


Brand calendars can be an extraordinarily beneficial tool for companies. With a full and informative calendar, you’ll be able to better allocate your resources and be prepared to take advantage of upcoming opportunities.


If you need any help setting up a brand calendar, contact Stella PR + Marketing.