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To Vine or Not to Vine

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In late January, the Vine app was created for Apple iPhones and iTouch video devices.  Its release generated a huge influx users ranging from stay- at- home moms to A-list celebrities who were posting their Vine videos on Facebook and Twitter; some understanding how to use the technology and others simply flooding news feeds with hundreds of meaningless videos.  Now, more than three months into its release, some business owners and social media managers are still wondering, what is Vine and how can I benefit from it?

If you are not yet familiar with Vine, it is easiest to picture it in this way: Vine allows your Twitter Feed to become very Harry Potter-esque in that when users upload their Vine videos, their post becomes a  six- second continually looping video, making what we once saw in Harry Potter with active-video headlines on the cover of their newspapers a lot less magical than we believed. If the Harry Potter idea is too far-fetched, try to imagine that the Vine app is like using Instagram but with looping videos in the place of pictures.

After researching and test-driving the app, we like many others, have jumped on board and have found it is extremely beneficial to the interaction with social media and your company! This article by Buisnessweek touches more upon the perks of Vine and includes commentary from BuzzFeed’s Matt Buchanan saying, “these embeds, filled up with gooey media, set Twitter apart from rival Facebook.”

 For some insight into how small organizations and business have been using Vine, we have compiled this list:

1. To Reveal Sneek-Peeks

Vine allows you to give fans and followers a first glimpse into the new products your company is launching or reviewing.  This short clip acts as a teaser and will get your audience coming back to your page and feed for updates!

2. To Promote your Product

Whether you are uploading secret hints for giveaways or simply showcasing your product, followers and spectators will become more engaged with your booth and company if they feel videos are launched personally for their benefit.

3. To Take it Behind the Scenes

At special events, Vine allows you to take your audience everywhere you go allowing your company’s Twitter feed to be their backstage pass!

4. To Get Personal

Fans and followers want to know you! By showing them funny office moments or brief dialogues about the latetes and greatest thing you are working on, they will build a more personal relationship with you and will feel more connected to anything you are posting and promoting.

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5. To Get Your Audience Involved!

There is nothing better than looking at your feed and finding hundreds of people using your brand! Encourage users to upload their own Vine video on your Twitter page of them using or talking about what they love about your product!

Aquiring Vine Inspiration:

If you are in still in need of more inspiration on how to benefit from Vine, use the following link to search Twitter for Vine videos


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