Stella PR+ Marketing | Understanding a Good Social Media Presence
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Understanding a Good Social Media Presence

Understanding the importance of a good social media campaign is nothing new to the PR + marketing world. Recently the Wall Street Journal shared a Facebook post about a “new” trend on Snapchat called “snapstreak.”


Call it serendipity, call it stupidity, call it anything you want but the entire time spent reading about this “new” social media trend, my mind cannot stop wondering. Am I really reading about social media trends in the Wall Street Journal? How old am I? What is happening to my life? After reading the article, I immediately jumped out of my chair, ran straight to the bathroom mirror, and pulled out a gray piece of hair. What the hell just happened?!


Well, guess what? Life is an endless process of self discovery and marketers better listen up.


Just because a recent graduate may know the correct use of hashtags, backlinks, keywords… Surprise! It doesn’t make them a better social media marketer than their 40 something counterparts who are reading the Wall Street Journal.


Billions of us use social media every day, and that number keeps growing. It is estimated that by 2018 2 .44 billion people use social media networks. If you want to improve your company’s social media you have to use it no matter how old or young you are.


As marketers, we can become so consumed with understanding others, that we forget to draw on our own experiences and understandings that are vital to relating to others. When social media managers step into a company’s voice, they too often disassociate themselves from the people they are trying to reach. This is where real-life experience comes in! It is important to use your own understanding and life experience of social media to create a genuine connection with your audience. How else are relationships built, people?!


The only true way you’ll stay on top of the social media game is to use it. I know the last thing most of us marketers want to do is go home and get right back on Facebook but using social in your private life will make you a better social media manager.


Post, tweet, livestream and snap your friends and you’ll start to easily find the latest trends and what’s enjoyed. It will also keep you from having to learn about the latest social media trends in the Wallstreet freakin journal!