Stella PR+ Marketing | What Makes a Good Blog?
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What Makes a Good Blog?

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A good blog is something you look forward to seeing, not just merely glancing at before switching to another online article. To create a successful blog, bloggers should always remember their target audience and engage with their readers.

So what’s the secret behind blogging to engage with readers?



A title for a blog post should be one that is catchy and will pull readers toward your piece, but not mislead them. The last thing a reader wants to do is to go through your entire post and find nothing that they were looking for. We found this Content Strategy: 9 Secrets for Awesome Blog Post Titles helpful.


Time after time, we’ll notice that most first-time bloggers try to cover way too much. In How to Write Great Blog Content, it is explained that the “core to blogging is being able to write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time.”  Therefore it is always best to start simple and leave room to expand.

Make sure to include the Who, What, When, Where and How but keep all other lengthy facts and tangents out! Always ask yourself, “Would I really talk this way in person or with another individual?” If the answer is no, then you should adjust your writing technique to be informal while maintaining an informational edge. People read blogs because they want to find an honest voice speaking passionately about a particular topic.

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While it’s true that content can get you far, readers love to see pictures and videos.  The more relevant pictures you have in your post will make your blog more enjoyable.

The end goal is to encourage your readers to feel as if they are reading your post for leisure rather than business.


Tags are hot topics that you are writing about in your blog post. These will usually be some of the same things you hyperlink in your blog such as certain names of individuals, businesses or products.  By the user being able to see these tags on the post, they can get a general overview of what your post will include.  It is especially important to use tags that are relevant and can bring readers in.


 Categories allow somewhat of a table of contents for your readers and allow them to quickly pan through sections that might be of interest to them. For example, if you are reviewing about a new product, the category, “Product Reviews” is a great place to put it in. In another example, the “Trending” category is geared toward topics or apps that are getting a lot of buzz in the industry.

Are these the final and official rules for blogging?

Well it ain’t over till the fat lady sings but one golden rule that we all know is if you are interesting and provide valuable information, your readership will grow.