Stella PR+ Marketing | Why Instagram’s New Update Isn’t the End of the World
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Why Instagram’s New Update Isn’t the End of the World

For Instagram users all over the world, the most recent news about the impending timeline update feels like the end of the social media world, as we know it. But we’re here to assure you that everything will be ok. We will get through this together.



We remember it as if it was yesterday. The date was March 15, 2016 when Instagram broke the news that shocked the social media world: it would introduce a new update that would switch from a chronological timeline to one that is based on the moments Instagram believes you care about most. In order to utilize this update, we need to understand why Instagram is making these drastic changes and how this restructured timeline can not only help your personal account but also boost interactions with your business.


This update was created when Instagram found that users miss 70% of content on their feed. In order to increase interactions between users, an algorithm will soon structure your feed to organize your timeline based on the likelihood that you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post. With interactions per post dropping by more than 40%, Instagram wants to ensure that the time you spend scrolling through your timeline is on posts that you actually care about and will engage with, instead of just scrolling past. Are you following us? Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all, does it?


So you’re probably wondering how this update will affect your personal Instagram. Deep breath, guys. We can assure you the update will have basically no effect on your Instagram stalking a100-ilbilities. In fact, it might even make navigating your feed easier! Instagram has found that the more followers you have, the less engagement those followers will have with your content. So no matter how amazing your selfie is, the more followers you have the less inclined they are to “like” it. This update will focus on the followers that actually engage with your content and make sure they are the first to know when you have posted something.


More businesses than ever have turned to Instagram as part of their key branding strategies. If your content receives a steady stream of interactions from your followers, that means Instagram recognizes their likelihood to interact with your content and will likely make sure this content is not negatively impacted. If some of your followers aren’t connecting with your content because they fall into the casual user category, then you aren’t missing out on anything by your content getting pushed farther back in their feeds since they aren’t interacting with it anyway. So how can you stay ahead of this update and come out on top?


First of all, we urge you to stay away from over-posting content and focus on quality over quantity instead. The better the content, the more engagements you will receive. Second, create call-to-actions that prompt followers to comment on your posts. This will not only drive up your users’ engagement but also create a loyal user following. Lastly, focus your hashtag strategies. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement! But be sure the tags you are using are content-oriented and meaningful. Hashtags that are irrelevant will drive down your user engagements.


Understanding how to keep yourself ahead of the curve with Instagram will not only make your content better but will also create more engagement between you and your followers. In the meantime, focus on fine-tuning your content before the algorithm comes into effect; this way your content will stay at the top of your followers’ timelines and minds.


Bottom line: the Instagram Armageddon is not near. So sit back, relax and keep creating engaging Insta posts!