Stella PR+ Marketing | Will Social Media Ever Be Genuine?
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Will Social Media Ever Be Genuine?

This week I attended the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, while I was there I talked to a writer who told me that when Instagram just launched, many people on Instagram were buying likes and followers, meaning their online fame is comprised of fake people or inactive accounts. She was one of the few people that didn’t buy her followers.
Those that bought followers are part of a small group of influencers who are otherwise known as “Instagram models” that have thousands of followers on their accounts. Companies reach out to these people giving them free products and compensating them so much that ‘’Instagram models” are now making close to six figures a year just to promote brands on their newsfeeds.
This puts the authentic bloggers at a disadvantage because it takes hard work to build a large following. What is even more interesting is that these fake influencers are charging other bloggers to learn how to grow their fan base. But unfortunately, the race in social media is unfair, a blogger that didn’t buy their followers may never catch up to those that bought their fake followers.
Call it good or bad, social media is the norm in digital marketing. From Facebook to Instagram, it is a way for businesses to target consumers and stay connected with them. The extensive amount of online engagement is why it is important for businesses to keep their social media consistent even if it’s all a show.
The good news in all this is that the fake follower trend has fortunately been intercepted by Instagram and recognized by companies. Therefore, it is believed that the opportunity to create fake fame will soon be dissolved completely. Using social media is great for building business recognition but companies must see through the problems that come with online marketing. Without human interaction and full disclosure, it is easy to fall into the allure of false promotion on social media.
Creating a unique image can be difficult. With so many brands taking to social media it seems impossible to stand out from the crowd and do something different. Fortunately, Stella PR + Marketing knows how to give your business a voice. We specialize in social media marketing and the development of creative content. We can make your social media accounts a reflection of your goals and create posts that are personal and charismatic. At Stella PR+ Marketing we don’t just run your social media accounts, we build your brand. By posting often on multiple social media platforms and developing new thoughtful content each week we guarantee you will see growth in all your social media accounts.  So don’t stress about what to post and leave the hard stuff to us! Email us at